Allow us to introduce ourselves..

We're a Retail Business

One Field is an initiative of Unifield Enterprises
that's focused on retailing a range of
wholesome, chemical-free produce that's sourced
directly from farmers.

We're a Bridge

We're a bridge between the farmer trying to
make a livelihood and the urban consumer
who is looking for wholesome food.

We're a Fair-price Market

We're as much a retail shop for the urban
consumer as a fair-price market for the rural
farmer for we believe that benefits should be
equal at both ends of the supply chain.

Food that's wholesome in every detail!

Good for the Farmer. Good for the Consumer. Good for the Earth.


We train farmers to take on organic farming practices that are good for both their health and their economy!

Fair Prices

We buy from the farmer at fair prices and seek to find markets for them


We keep ourselves and the farmer updated with the latest happenings in the food sector from farming techniques,and market information to policy.


We aim to make pesticide-free
produce available to the consumer at affordable prices.


Being invested in those we support means the consumer knows where their food is coming from and who is growing it!


We support a growing network of small and marginal farmers in different parts of the country. This ensures both quality and variety!