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Organic farming is an approach to agriculture that makes use of fertilizers and pesticides that are organic in origin.

We often get asked why organic produce is more expensive than its conventional alternative even when expensive fertilizers are not part of the process. The reason is that while organic methods cost the farmer less in terms of pesticide and fertilizer usage, the volume of produce is much smaller than conventional farms that make use of chemical fertilizers to pump up yield. Besides, organic farming methods are more labour intensive, This factor too adds to cost.

We source our produce from a network of small and marginal farmers spread out in different pockets of the country. At present we source produce from Oddanchatram, Silent Valley in Kerala,  Kodaikanal, Manipur

At present we operate from our retail store at Kothanur in Bengaluru.



It is important for us to state here that we don’t ‘own’ a farm. We have rather chosen to train and support existing small and marginal farmers in organic farming practices. This implies that some of the farmers in our network are established enough to have obtained certification while others are still too small to do so. However since we are involved in training the farmers we source our produce from, you have our assurance that all our produce is grown using chemical-free, organic methods.

Unifield is the registered name of our company while One Field is the brand name of the retail operations under which we sell organic produce. Unifield is involved in a broader range of activities that include wholesale marketing and distribution of organic produce, identifying, training and supporting of rural entrepreneurs in the food sector and networking with like-minded organizations.